Anahí is a Sydney based multidisciplinary artist, architect, designer and swing dancer. She expresses her creativity in different art forms.

Originally from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Anahí relocated to Barcelona where she graduated in Architecture at ETSAB-UPC University and worked as an architect at Enric Miralles. She has also been based in New York, Manchester, Copenhagen and in the remote Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia.

Architecture plays a very important role in her art; the sense of form, the structure of the line, the void versus the full. Her art contemplates the abstraction of the human body and the beauty of its imperfection. It deconstructs the body, keeping only its essence, that which makes it human, through minimalist stroke and primary colours.

In the performing arts, Anahi is an accomplished swing dancer. She has performed in a number of events and led swing dance lessons as an instructor in Sydney and Spain.